We are a global marketing boutique agency startup based in Tokyo, Japan and in NYC, USA, available globally. We focus on marketing strategic planning with the greater understanding in marketing, business and creativity. Our unique network structure enables us to work for clients around the globe with high level professionalism and global standard, which assures the accurate analysis and top level execution.

Our services are based on our intelligence to combine the separated dots in and out of the industry – that said, the market and the business, the local culture and the global strategy, the analysis and the out-of-box idea, and the creativity and the effectiveness. We put them together and design in the way that those come out fruitful in the stream of new digital generation that still embrace the beauty of the antiquity.

We provide our services through consultation, presentation and execution, and always be diligent and sincere about what we bring about.

What People Say

Yuki is expert in digital marketing platform in Japan. Great communication skills and very efficient. I wish we had more time on this project to work with her. Looking forward to working with her in next project.”

ISN Student Lane, ISN Expo

She has been a true star from the start to finish. Managed to complete the job well before requested time. Would love to work with such a talented person in the near future and will definitely be back when needed! Thank you very much for your amazing work! Regards, Alex


“Excellent partners”

Jon Hingston, R/GA

“Yuki did the translation job quickly. She asked for necessary context explanation whenever necessary, to provide highet possible quality. Thanks, Yuki!

Ultimate E-commerce Ltd

“Yukiko did a great job :)”

Berlitz Global

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